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Are you 12 or younger? Ask your Mom and Dad to sign you up for the KaneffGolf Kids Club. You'll receive a FREE Kids Club logoMembership Card and discounts on food, range balls and even play golf for FREE* (your Mom and Dad will LOVE that)!! Plus, use your very own LOG BOOK to track your rounds and earn free prizes like a hat and a sleeve of golf balls.      *After 4pm when accompanied by a paying adult

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Golf Tips

Everyone can use a little advice when out on the course! Here are a few tips from our very own Golf Pros!

♦ Start your kids on the chipping or putting green. Golf should be learned from the hole first and getting them to sink a few will put a smile on their face. Furthermore, learning the short game swing will help to set the groundwork for the full swing.

♦ Always make sure you have a clear hitting area! Safety is the number 1 concern when swinging a golf club!

♦ When kids begin to play the game of golf, it is important that they pay close attention to their balance. Kids have a tendency to jump and move around when hitting the ball. A quick tip is to make sure the golfer is standing tall, and facing the target after they strike the ball. Try standing in that position until the ball stops moving. Its called the "Statue drill."

♦ A proper finish consist of your belly facing the target, the club resting on your shoulders, your weight on your front foot, and up on your toes on your back foot.

♦ Kids have a tendency to grip the club in any shape or form that feels comfortable to them. Usually their grip stems from other sports, for example baseball or hockey. If need be, have them choke down on the club if they cannot support it. Properly fit clubs are still best.

♦ Keep your feet on the ground and your eye on the ball.

♦ Keeping your feet and head still while having a good knee bend will stabilize the golf swing to allow you to hit the ball consistently.




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For more information on the Kaneff Junior Series and dates, check out the CJGA website.

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